All the Kingdoms Wage War In New Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Trailer

This Sunday, dark magic finds its way to Los Angeles circa 1938 in Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. To drum up some last-minute anticipation for the series, Showtime has released yet another trailer that offers more insight into the supernatural conflict that will play out across the first season.

The new footage once again puts the series’ retro production design on display. More importantly, it sets the stage for the explosive confrontation between sisters Magda (Natalie Dormer) and Santa Muerte (Lorenza Izzo). According to Magda, both siblings are vying to light the “one spark” that will “set all the kingdoms to war.” It’s not clear which “kingdoms” she’s referring to. However, the ensuing battle can’t be good for humanity as a whole.

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Somehow, their crusades tie into ongoing tensions between the LAPD and the city’s Latin American population. City of Angels is set nearly a hundred years ago and it draws heavily from Mexican-American folklore. But viewers will be able to draw easy parallels to contemporary social issues. Those range from immigration to religious zealotry to the resurgence of white supremacy groups.

At the heart of it all is Daniel Zovatto’s Tiago Vega, a fledgling detective who continues to feel the push-pull dynamics between his fellow officers and his Hispanic brothers and sisters facing oppression. His partner, Lewis Michener (Nathan Lane) also offers him a binary choice. “In this life, you’re a cowboy or you’re an Indian.”

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels debuts on Sunday, April 26 at 10pm on Showtime. You can watch the new trailer below, then share your thoughts in the comment section!

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