Batgirl Debuts In New Harley Quinn Season 2 Trailer

In the first season finale of Harley Quinn, the Joker and Batman were taken off of the table. Now, there’s no one left to stop Harley and her crew from taking over Gotham City…except the rest of Batman’s rogue’s gallery!

EW has debuted the first full trailer for Harley Quinn season 2, and it reveals that Riddler, Bane, Penguin, and Mr. Freeze have divided up Gotham for themselves. However, Harley isn’t about to back down. She’s willing to take them all on herself.

Additionally, the trailer marks the debut of Barbara Gordon AKA Batgirl, as voiced by Briana Cuoco. In Batman’s absence, Batgirl is trying to step up and fill the void. But it also appears that Barbara is hanging out with Harley and Ivy without hiding her secret identity.

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There is also a brief glimpse of  Sanaa Lathan’s Selina Kyle/Catwoman, and Alfred Molina’s Mr. Freeze gets a very memorable debut. Doctor Psycho’s ride on a parademon also suggests that Darkseid may show up this season. But the shippers will probable be more excited about Harley and Ivy grasping hands and getting closer.

Harley Quinn season 2 will  hit DC Universe on Friday, April 3.

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