The Final Joke Is Told In Harley Quinn 1.13 Promo

Poison Ivy is dead and the Joker has won! That leaves Harley Quinn and her remaining crew in a tight spot going into the season finale. However, Harley may have a plan to take down Joker and it involves Batman. Or at least a close facsimile of the Dark Knight.

DC Universe has released the Harley Quinn 1.13 promo for the season finale, as Harley, King Shark, and Doctor Psycho attempt to gain the Joker’s favor. Thanks to the Queen of Fables, the Justice League has already been imprisoned in a book of fairy tales. Additionally, Batman has been stuck dealing with Scarecrow on the outskirts of Gotham. But in this video, Batman is also looking to bring Joker in.

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Could Harley and Batman make a desperate alliance to defeat the Clown Prince of Crime? At the moment, it looks like Harley’s attempt to beat Joker is simply happening at the same time as Batman’s. But when the smoke clears, will Harley avoid a one-way ticket back to Arkham Asylum? And can Poison Ivy be revived so that Kite-Man can say “Hell yeah!” one more time? We’ll find out in a week!

Harley Quinn 1.13 will hit DC Universe on Friday, February 21.

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