Watch the First Episode of Star Trek: Picard

Want to watch the pilot episode of Star Trek: Picard without violating the Prime Directive or subscribing to CBS All Access? Well, you’re in luck. CBS All Access has posted the first episode to YouTube as a free sample for the series. However, it will only be available to watch for a limited time.

The series stars Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard, a role he originated in Star Trek: The Next Generation. This new series is a sequel to both Star Trek: Nemesis and Star Trek (2009). Picard is haunted by the death of Data in Nemesis, and the destruction of Romulus in the Star Trek reboot. That film may have formed the Kelvin timeline, but it also made a mess of the primary timeline. In these trying times, Picard tried to live up to the Federation’s highest ideals. However, the Federation apparently turned its back on its own morality in the aftermath of a deadly terrorist attack.

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Star Trek: Picard essentially gives its title character a reason to come out of retirement. There’s a chance that the legacy of his friend lives on, and there’s a conspiracy brewing that may threaten the Federation as well. New episodes will debut every Thursday on CBS All Access. But for now, check out the pilot episode!

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