Star Trek: Picard Producer Teases the Borg’s New Status Quo

Warning: There are spoilers ahead of Star Trek: Picard!

The series premiere of CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Picard raised some interesting questions. In the closing moments, viewers witnessed the appearance of a new Borg cube during the episode’s conclusion. And it was populated and run by Romulans. While speaking with TV Guide, Star Trek: Picard producer Alex Kurtzman provided more details about this unlikely team-up.

“It’s less of an alliance and more of what happens when one group subjugates another,” explained Kurtzman. “The Borg were typically the ones that did that and so what happens when you turn the tables. What does that say about people who are given positions of power?”

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The series will also re-introduce Star Trek: Voyager’s Seven of Nine,. Jeri Ryan will once again play the former Borg drone, and Seven will probably not be pleased when she learns what the Romulans have done. Ryan also shared her thoughts on the Borg’s new status quo.

“It’s very timely now, the way you’re seeing a different view of the Borg,” said Ryan. “[It] is very reflective of society and people being different and the exclusionary feeling that’s happening in a lot of the world.”

The second episode of Star Trek: Picard is now available on CBS All Access. 

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