The Boys Are Back In the First Teaser For Season 2

Earlier this year, the adaptation of Garth Ennis and Derrick Robertson’s The Boys quickly became one of Amazon’s most popular shows. Earlier today, Amazon dropped the first look at The Boys season 2 at the CCXP comic convention in Brazil. Although the footage is light on context, it’s heavy on carnage. It also ends with Billy Butcher smugly smiling in the face of danger.

Last season introduced Billy and his makeshift team, all of whom have good reasons to despise the superheroes of this world. However, Billy has a particular hatred for Homelander, the Superman-like leader of the Seven. Homelander later revealed that he didn’t kill Billy’s wife. Instead, he hid her away so she could raise Homelander’s son. Season 2 will pick up on that revelation and go from there.

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The new trailer also appears to depict a tense moment between Homelander and Starlight. Last season, she sided with Hughie against the Seven. Additionally, it looks like Starlight is getting more comfortable in the spotlight, while the Deep continues to fall.

The Boys season 2 will hit Amazon Prime in 2020.

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