Netflix Celebrates Stranger Things Day With Season 3 Blooper Reel

It’s November 6, which means it’s officially Stranger Things day! Fans mark this occasion as a celebration of everything surrounding the hit Netflix series. Many are celebrating by streaming the series, and even dressing up as characters. But Netflix itself decided to set up something special, just for the fans — a season three blooper reel.

The clip runs about four minutes long and features a number of gaffes by the cast. It includes a number of unexpected moments, like a garage door getting stuck and an inadvertent song about ketchup and mustard (featuring Eleven herself!). What’s more, every cast member seems to have their moment here, laughing after a line of dialogue or making a mistake on camera. 

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But the real highlight comes at about the 1:51 mark with David Harbour’s Jim Hopper. He attempts to tell Mike (Finn Wolfhard) about the fate of his grandmother, but has trouble with the word “Grandma.” Multiple times, in fact.

It’s a great behind-the-scenes glimpse of an otherwise serious show. And it also serves as a nice finisher for the third season, as the cast and crew get ready for the just-announced fourth season. Production is set to get underway early next year, with a premiere date presumably in late 2020 or early 2021. Hopefully, it’ll have just an enjoyable a blooper reel as this one.

Stranger Things 3 is available for streaming on Netflix now.

What did you think of the blooper reel? Do you have as much trouble with the word “Grandma” as Harbour does? Let us know in the comments below!

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