The Mandalorian Pays Tribute To Classic Star Wars In New Footage

In just under a week, the new Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, premieres on Disney+. And to keep the hype moving along, a new “One Week” trailer is here, complete with some new footage. There are some highlights worth noting, which first debuted on the Star Wars Twitter account. First off, fans hear more from Werner Herzog’s character, a powerful man who speaks to Pedro Pascal’s Mandalorian. He talks about a “revolution” that brings “nothing but chaos,” in the face of the Empire’s collapse.

The trailer also provides a closer look at the Mandalorian’s spacecraft, a sleekly designed ship that can kick into hyperspace with ease. There’s even a glimpse of it making its way across the galaxy with the classic “zoom” effect.

But the real fun comes in its closing seconds. The Mandalorian comes across a few unfavorable types in a cantina, in a scene similar to 0ne from the original Star Wars. However, instead of playing it cautiously, the Mandalorian comes out swinging. 

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Most of the show’s story is still under wraps, even with the revealed characters and setting. But it won’t be long before fans can find out what happens next.

The debut episode of The Mandalorian premieres on November 12. Will you tune in to see what it has to offer? Let us know in the comments below!

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