Paul Blackthorne Will Return For Arrow Season 8

Almost every major character from Arrow is seemingly coming back for its final season.  Just days after Emily Bett Rickards’ Felicity Smoak received confirmation for its series finale, another fan favorite will also return. TVLine reports that Paul Blackthorne will reprise his role as Quentin Lance. However, Quentin was killed off in the sixth season. Regardless, producer Marc Guggenheim explained why they didn’t give Quentin a happy ending. 

“While we could have maimed Lance and sent him off to live with Donna — and that was discussed — I don’t think it would have been true to the spirit of the show, which has never really done that as a general rule,” said Guggenheim. “But (the decision) was hard.”

At the time, Blackthorne was grateful for his work on the show. He considered Quentin’s death “a beautiful exit, actually…a very nice exit, as exits go!”

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But in the Arrowverse, anything is possible. Fans may also recall how Colin Donnell was able to return this season. He played the Earth-Two version of Tommy Merlyn.

Now it’s just a question of seeing how Quentin will return — and if Crisis On Infinite Earths will play a part in that. Arrow is one of the five shows that will be a part of that crossover miniseries. Fans will find out soon enough as Arrow rolls towards its conclusion in 2020.

What do you think about Quentin Lance making his return to the series? Let us know in the comments below!

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