The Flash Season 6 Trailer Hits the Ground Running

Since the very beginning of The Flash, Barry Allen’s been running on borrowed time. The closing moments of the pilot episode revealed that the Flash was destined to disappear in after a Crisis in 2024. Unfortunately, Barry’s daughter from the future, Nora, drastically changed the timeline last season. Now, Nora’s been erased from existence and Barry’s time is almost up. The Crisis jumped ahead five years, and Barry may only have months to live.

The CW has dropped a new trailer for The Flash season 6; which finds Barry a bit despondent. He’s seen the future, and he knows the Crisis is right around the corner. Whether he can get Team Flash ready for the fallout remains to be seen. But the survival of Barry’s friends and family may drive him to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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There’s not a lot of context for the scenes in the trailer. Regardless, Cisco Ramon comes face-to-face with a new Harrison Wells from across the multiverse. Unlike the last iteration of Wells, the new model seems to be more of a steampunk adventurer. Cisco may be staying with Team Flash, but he gave up his Vibe powers in the season five finale. Unfortunately, he may come to regret that decision.

Meanwhile, there is a change coming for Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost. They’ve managed to peacefully co-exist in the same body since Killer Frost re-emerged last season. But their harmony may be threatened in the weeks and months ahead.

The Flash season 8 will premiere on Tuesday, October 8 on The CW.

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