HBO’s Watchmen Gets a Twisted New Trailer

As the new Watchmen series prepares for its debut next month, HBO has set the stage with a new trailer. It provides a little more insight about its characters, as well as events that could lead to an inevitable “war.” It focuses on Regina King’s Angela Abar, a masked Tulsa police officer empowered by FBI agent Laurie Blake. Jean Smart plays Blake, who used to be Silk Spectre.

The trailer also provides an intriguing glimpse of Tim Blake Nelson’s chrome-wearing Detective Looking Glass. Don Johnson, Jeremy Irons and Louis Gossett Jr. are also featured. Additionally, it offers more insight into the Seventh Kavalry, a terrorist organization that hides behind Rorschach-inspired masks.

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Damon Lindelof has previously explained how he’s trying to capture series creator Alan Moore’s vibe with the series.

“[Moore] has made it clear he wants no ongoing affiliation, and to not use his name to get people to watch it,” he explained during a previous interview. “I made personal overtures to explain what we are doing, and he declined. As someone who has a very complicated relationship with my dad — I constantly need to prove myself to [someone] … Alan Moore is now my surrogate [father]. I love [that] Alan has a punk rock spirit. I’m channeling his spirit to tell him, ‘F*** you; I’m doing it anyway.’”

HBO’s Watchmen will premiere on October 20. However, those that are attending New York Comic-Con will be able to see it in action beforehand. It will host a sneak peek of the debut episode on October 4, along with a panel featuring“producers and stars from the show.

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