Batwoman Producer Promises Robust Love Life For Kate Kane

When Batwoman debuts on the CW this October, she’ll have no shortage of enemies to take on. But that doesn’t mean that Kate Kane won’t be able to have some fun. The series’ executive producer, Caroline Dries, recently explained that Kane wouldn’t just be about the superhero business. The series will explore her love life as well.

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Dries explained that Kate’s troubled relationship with Sophie (Meagan Tandy) won’t prevent Batwoman’s alter ego from exploring other romantic opportunities.

“That is to me what’s important about this character, is that she’s like Oliver Queen,” explained Dries. “He dates left and right at the beginning of that show before he and Felicity (Emile Bett Rickards) settled down. We didn’t want to neuter Kate. She’s in this complicated relationship with Sophie because it’s an intellectual past relationship, but to me, what makes part of her character is that she has girlfriends. She goes on dates.”

But these won’t just be quick flings. Even though Dries wouldn’t mention who the women are, she noted they would build substance for both Kane and her alter ego.

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“They will add to Kate’s blossoming as Batwoman as she’s realizing it’s hard to juggle personal and superhero,” added Dries.

Dries also said that she learned quite a bit from her previous work on The Vampire Diaries. And she’ll apply this experience into Batwoman.

“The biggest thing that I learned is that Kevin [Williamson] and Julie [Plec] have such high standards for the writing so when somebody pitches a cheesy beat, I feel it in my bones of, ‘That is garbage TV that you’re pitching right now,’” noted Dries. “So because they had such a high standard, I recalibrated what my taste was so I hope that I can put that into this show. But that’s the biggest thing logistically speaking and then creatively the love triangles, just creating strong emotional moments. The act might be this huge epic action thing but nobody cares if it’s not rooted in a really cool, emotional beat.”

Batwoman will premiere on October 6 on the CW. Will you be tuning in to the series premiere? Let us know in the comment section below!

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