LaMonica Garrett Says Arrow Season 8 “Starts the Crisis”

Later this year, the CW’s annual crossover event will adapt DC’s classic Crisis on Infinite Earths. And while the story will envelop The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and Batwoman, it’s greatest impact may be felt on Arrow. During a recent interview with CBR, LaMonica Garrett, the actor who portrays the Monitor, teased his role in the eighth and final season of Arrow.

“Each show has their own thing going on, their own villains to catch, their own stories to get through, their personal battles,” said Garrett. “But when the Monitor shows up, it’s more of a Crisis moment…Like Beth [Schwartz] said, pretty much Arrow‘s whole season is a Crisis build up, you know, leading up to the Crisis. So from day one on Arrow season 8, it starts the Crisis. It’s a prelude to what’s happening.”

At the end of Arrow season 7, the Watcher collected on his deal with Oliver Queen and recruited his aid. However, Garrett noted that neither Oliver nor the rest of the heroes fully trust the Watcher’s intentions.

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“I think they’re still at a stage…the rest of the superheroes included, they’re trying to figure out if they can trust this guy,” noted Garrett. “Because he comes in, you know, he’s not doing the best intentions as far as the audience is seeing… But that was him in the comic book as well. He was an arms dealer to villains. He was doing bad things for a greater good, but you didn’t know that at the moment. So I think they’re just still trying to figure out if they could trust this guy.”

The first three installments of Crisis on Infinite Earths will premiere on The CW later this year. A two-part conclusion is being held for early 2020.

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