Game of Thrones Star on Melisandre’s Hypothetical Return in Prequels

Melisandre might have fulfilled her purpose on Westeros, but we may have not seen all of the Red Priestess yet. In a recent interview with DeadlineGame of Thrones actress Carice Van Houten agreed that her character had an elegant death.

“It was graceful,” she said. “I was very grateful to the writers for that. That whole episode was bombastic but my death was like the final note of a symphony.”

Compared to Cersei Lannister’s sudden departure (and the subsequent complaints by the actress playing her), Melisandre’s death was one of the most coherent curtain calls of Game of Thrones‘ eighth season.

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Then the actress was asked about a hypothetical return of Melisandre on one of the many Game of Thrones prequels HBO has in the pipeline.

“Who knows,” she added. “I guess you could see a very young Melisandre or something like that. That could be fun. But not in the shape of me. No one has contacted me about it. There are so many great characters but I personally would have loved to see more of Melisandre’s background.”

The Red Woman is one of the most mysterious characters who set foot on Westeros during the events of told in the Game of Thrones saga. We know that she is far older than she appears, as we saw her true form in Season 6. We never discovered how old she actually is, however, so she could have also lived through the events which took place in the Age of Heroes.

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