Game of Thrones Director Defends The Penultimate Episode

It’s been a month since HBO’s epic drama Game of Thrones has wrapped up, but it seems that we are going to keep talking about this series for a long time. One of many shocking turns last season was Daenerys embracing her anger and burning down King’s Landing. Speaking with IndieWire, Miguel Sapochnik, the director of “The Bells” episode, pointed out why Daenerys became the Mad Queen.

“The way she has treated humans, and the conviction she has, means that conviction is eventually going to fall afoul,” Sapochnik  said. “She’s not questioning herself anymore, which is the difference between somebody who, I think, has kind of lost their mind. That’s part of what makes us human, is we question whether we’ve made the right decisions or not.”

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Then the director revealed how he tried to bring the audience into the consequences of Daenerys’ drastic decision.

“At that point, you don’t need to see her,” Sapochnik added. “We decided not to cut back to her. When she makes that decision, she and the dragon become one. The destruction of King’s Landing, for me, has always been an audience participation event. You wanted this, you wanted this, you wanted this. Here. Is that really what you wanted? I felt like there was this thing of this bloodthirstiness that exists in the fans, for revenge, for this payback that is personified by Dany. I just wanted to get to the core of what that actually means. Because even though the characters don’t exist in the end, what you’re looking for, as an audience member, is death and destruction. I wanted people to know how bad death and destruction can be in the safe environment they’re living in.”

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