Jessica Jones season 3 episode 3 recap
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Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

Now that everyone’s caught up on Trish’s life, Jessica Jones’ final season can keep chugging along. The sisters kept on Brandt’s trail despite their emotional and physical differences. It’s interesting how the perception of vulnerabilities changes based on a given circumstance. Or, in Jeri’s case, go looking for them. Old flames have a way of reignited the worst parts of someone, especially when that person is already using those parts well. Everyone has their own medium in which to create art, though. Some just choose the malleable nature of flesh and emotion rather than stone or sound.

I Have No Spleen

Jessica remains alone in the hospital after Trish’s visit. A medical bracelet and nasty scar reveal that doctors removed her spleen. A rather punny doc gives her the spiel about living without the immune support the organ provides, but Jessica isn’t having. Her body, on the other hand, is. She passes out when she tries to stand up. Just because she’s special doesn’t mean she’s invulnerable. The investigator isn’t used to being the victim.

Jessica checks herself out against doctor’s orders and starts looking for Brandt while adapting to a new medication regimen. Intent on making sure her bourbon habit and opioids mix (they don’t, FYI), Jessica finds a burger from Erik in her fridge. The trauma of the attack weighs on her throughout, but she refuses to give up her strength. She ignores a newly installed deadbolt and removes her medical bracelet before someone knocks on the door. It’s Malcolm, luckily, here to deliver the knife her attacker used. Unfortunately it didn’t render any useful evidence.

Dig Deeper

Jeri and Kith have their first catchup in 25 years, though Kith seems much more angry about how their relationship ended than Jeri. The two’s passionate college affair ended with Jeri cheating on her, but Jeri held onto that love and lust. The mood softens between the two before Kith abruptly exits. Jeri divulges that she still has a recording of a sonata Kith wrote for her, but it isn’t enough to keep Kith there in the moment. Jeri later employs Malcolm to find dirt on Kith’s husband Peter. Some people don’t know when to give up.

Kith visits Jeri at her home, but the validity of the recording of the sonata goes out the window when the cassette player eats the tape. Kith just happened to bring her cello though. She plays the sonata for Jeri before they give into their attraction. Jeri is surprised to learn that Kith plans to tell Peter the truth about their encounter afterward. They’re in an open marriage. She’s pretty sure Peter’s having sex with a grad student while she was in bed with Jeri. That statement is confirmed when Malcolm records Peter having an office encounter. Malcolm struggles with the morality of his actions, but Jeri is ready to push even further. She can’t break up their marriage with infidelity. She needs Malcolm to find something juicier, even if it eats at his soul.


Once again, Trish and Jessica are on the same page. They both snoop around Brandt’s apartment, arguing over who should be the one to take him down. Jessica tells Trish to let those used to being a hero handle such things, but Trish points out that her sister was never a hero. Just a superpowered person. Jessica, tired of hearing it, leaves with a lead on Brandt auctioning off the statue. Her initial inquiries prove unfruitful, but Jeri helps her track the statue to Cassaro gallery. She collapses on the sidewalk before she can capitalize on the lead. Trish, who was following Jessica, calls 911 and steals her lead on Cassaro.

Jessica spends the night in the hospital and hits Cassaro the next day. She takes the statue before noticing Trish with the curator downstairs. Trish is able to snag Brandt’s contact info before running into Jessica outside. She clearly sees herself as more virtuous than Jessica, but a sisterly backhand knocks her to the ground. Trish has a lesson to learn that Jessica recently did: no one is unstoppable. She finds Brandt and learns that he wasn’t involved in her stabbing. Jessica tells Trish where Brandt is and lets her take things over.

Jessica returns home and invites Erik over. A quick flirty exchange turns more direct when Jessica realizes that the attacker recognized Erik, making him the possible target. She chokes Erik and demands answers. Why would someone want to kill him?

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