Strangers Things Gets an ’80s Throwback Coca-Cola Ad

In just over two weeks, things are going to get very strange in Hawkins, Indiana. Netflix’s blockbuster series, Stranger Things, is dropping a new season on Thursday, July 4. The third season is jumping to the summer of 1985, as the kids start to drift apart. However, there’s still a darkness hanging over Hawkins that is breaking out of the Upside Down. Fortunately, the simple pleasure of a movie with friends is still available before the [bleep] hits the fan.

Netflix has released an ’80s style Coca-Cola ad featuring Steve and Dustin, who have maintained their unlikely friendship from the second season. The two buddies share a few good jabs at each other before catching a film. Unfortunately, their night out is about to get interrupted.

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It’s unclear if this scene was created specifically for the promo or if it will be a part of the season. However, the chaos at the Starcourt Mall suggests that this will be one of the turning points for season 3. Nobody ever said that life in Hawkins was going to get any easier. And if this is a taste of things to come, the next Upside Down incident won’t be so easy to sweep under the rug.

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