DC Universe Comments on Swamp Thing’s Cancellation

Swamp Thing’s cancellation took everyone by surprise, including the show’s producers. DC Universe announced last week that they were pulling the plug on the series after airing just one episode. Almost immediately, viewers began speculating about why this decision was made. The streaming service has remained unusually quiet about the whole situation. But for whatever it’s worth, they allowed their community manager to address the show’s confused fanbase.

Via Newsarama, the community manager (using the name “Applejack”) has posted a statement to the service’s official website. S/he doesn’t provide a reason for the show’s cancellation. However, the statement clarifies what’s happening with the remainder of Swamp Thing’s first season.

“Hi friends, A million thanks for your patience. We understand this has not been an easy time for you as fans, and I will do my best to provide you with a satisfying answer. First, some updates: The full 10 episode season of Swamp Thing will continue to air on DC Universe with new episodes released weekly. There are no current plans for a Season 2. We appreciate there are questions as to ‘why’, but unfortunately we are not in a position to answer at this time.”

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The community manager then reminded viewers that they have “a lot of exciting plans for our other shows in the works.” The staffer also divulged that site moderators “will be going back through the threads and removing the false rumors and speculation that this choice means DC Universe or any of our other original series were affected.” This is likely a direct response to Deadline’s initial report suggesting that DC Universe would be “reevaluated” in the wake of AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner.

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