Video: Netflix Should Worry About Marvel’s Exodus

Netflix Should Worry About Marvel’s Exodus

No one can hold a crown forever, not even Netflix. The streaming giant has enjoyed years of growth thanks to an ever-expanding subscriber base and enormous investments in original programming. That’s a far cry from the company that once (and still does) mailed films to its users. But its foundation could take a huge hit thanks to Marvel and its parent company, Disney.

Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+, is set to launch on November 12 as the next great competitor to Netflix. In fact, Disney+ poses a much more potent threat than Hulu or Amazon. Disney+ will launch with a swarm of content from the various licenses under Disney’s umbrella, including Marvel and Star Wars. There are new shows within the MCU in development for the platform. But those won’t pose an immediate threat. What will threaten Netflix is the inclusion of the MCU film library.

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The MCU has had a comfortable post-theater home on Netflix for the past few years, but those films will be removed in the run-up to Disney+’s debut. That apparently doesn’t sit well with Netflix’s subscribers. According to a Hollywood Reporter/Morning Consult survey, 22% of American Netflix subscribers would cancel their plans if the Marvel films were no longer available on the service. The number is both shocking and sobering. Will Netflix fans actually follow through with that threat and pull the plug? It’s too early to say for sure, but Netflix should be worried regardless. Disney+ might be bringing the fight right to their doorstep.

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