The Flash Season 5 Episode 19 Recap

Nora hasn’t exactly been the best daughter or the best superhero this season on The Flash. But Barry Allen didn’t really lose his patience with his daughter from the future until he learned she was working with Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash. In last week’s episode, Barry’s wife, Iris, insisted that they get Nora’s side of the story. Together, they learned how Nora discovered her speed abilities, and how she became involved with Thawne. However, it wasn’t enough to satisfy Barry. Without telling Iris, Barry banished Nora to the future and warned her not to return.

Visiting the Future

Iris was livid when she found out about Barry’s actions. So much so that she seemed to consider ending her relationship with him. Thanks to Ralph and Cecile, cooler heads prevailed. Instead, Iris decided to take a trip to the future and retrieve Nora. Ralph came with her, and the found Nora consulting with Thawne. Nora’s anger boiled over before she ran off. Iris angrily warned Thawne to stop manipulating Nora. However, she was taken aback by the way Thawne seemed to truly care about Nora. He told Iris to reunite her family.

Snow Pack

Speaking of family reunions, Caitlin’s estranged father, Thomas Snow/Icicle, returned. He marked the occasion by stealing a cryo-atomizer from his ex-wife, Carla as she cowered in her lab at Tannhauser Industries. When Team Flash was called in to investigate, Caitlin took the opportunity to berate her mother for lying about Thomas’ death. While Barry and Joe tried to stay out of the family conflict, Icicle returned to kidnap both Caitlin and Carla. Barry was left nearly dead, and only some fast thinking by Sherloque Wells saved his life.

The Icicle Cometh

Caitlin’s father imprisoned her with a power dampener, as he explained his plan to eliminate her human side. Additionally, he put Carla into his new device and attempted to turn her into an Icicle-like meta human as well. While Sherloque helped Barry devise a way to save Carla, Caitlin transformed into Killer Frost and fought Icicle. This time, Killer Frost came up short. Thankfully, Caitlin’s father reasserted himself over Icicle and reclaimed control of his body.

Moments later Cicada 2 arrived and stole the cryo-atomizer. She also got the upper hand on Killer Frost and nearly killed her. Thomas stepped in front of Cicada’s dagger, and took the fatal injury himself. Cicada 2 escaped with the devise, and returned to her hideout, where the younger Grace was still in her coma. Later, Caitlin reconciled with her mother and tested Carla for Icicle powers. However, neither woman saw the test turn positive after they discarded it.

Getting Negative

Nora was so desperate to return to the present that she got Thawne to explain how he uses the Speed Force. According to Thawne, he uses his own Negative Speed Force to power his speed. Nora’s first attempt to access the Negative Speed Force was a failure. But after becoming emotionally distraught, Nora finally raced into the Negative Speed Force. When she returned to the present, her eyes glowed with the negative energy in her body.

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