Fear the Walking Dead Recruits Sarah Wayne Callies as a Director

Ever since their timelines started to sync up, a few cast members from The Walking Dead have crossed over to AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead spinoff. This year will see another departed performer make the switch in a behind-the-scenes role. Via ComicBook.com, Sarah Wayne Callies is directing an episode of Fear the Walking Dead’s upcoming fifth season.

Lori wasn’t exactly the most beloved character during her time on The Walking Dead, but perhaps fans will be more receptive to Callies’ directorial work. “You’re still looking at story, but your job is the macro,” Callies said in a recent interview with The ISA. “So far the only thing I don’t like about it is having to direct myself, and so the great joy of the Fear job is I’m not acting in it. And so I get to just focus on connecting with the actors and tracking the story and working with the department heads. It’s so awesome, I love it.”

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After Lori was killed off during The Walking Dead’s third season, Callies joined the cast of USA’s Colony. She made her directorial debut with an episode of that show’s third and final season. Callies also helmed an episode of CBC Television and SundanceTV’s Unspeakable miniseries. She also had the lead role in Unspeakable.

Callies won’t be the first actor from The Walking Dead to try their hand at directing. Michael Cudlitz directed an episode of the flagship show’s current season. Additionally, former star Andrew Lincoln has shadowed another director as he prepares to helm an episode of The Walking Dead next season.

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