Supergirl season 4 episode 14 recap

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 14 Recap

Ben Lockwood’s rediscovered malevolence alongside the rise of the Elite produced a monumental powder keg and plopped it right in Supergirl’s lap. Those efforts clearly won’t be aided by the native government even after saving President Baker’s life. Naming Ben the new director of Alien Affairs didn’t help things either. Good thing the Kryptonian had a running crew ready to back her. The two militant figureheads were ready to co-opt opposing protests as tools for their respective revolutions with Kara and crew caught in the middle.

Fissures In Amnesty

Having their initial plans foiled isn’t stopping the Elite. The group separates prior to their next move, leading to Menagerie being taken down by Supergirl, Dreamer and J’onn. The trio rushes to stop an assassination attempt during Ben’s confirmation presser. Supergirl saves Ben and multiple humanists before Manchester Black, Hat and the Morae escape. However, they’re unable to get any information out of Menagerie before they turn her over to the DEO. 

The remaining Elite members break into the Fortress of Solitude bent on finding something that will help them fight off Supergirl. All they find is some hologram tech and infighting. Hat leaves after questioning Black’s commitment to their revolution, leaving Black and the Morae to be intercepted by the heroic trio. The Morae is arrested and Black rushes headlong into a baby Sun-Eater. Believing Black to be dead, J’onn refocuses his efforts on finding Hat.

On the other side of the aisle, Alex is assigned to lead Ben’s security detail. She is visibly upset by the President’s decision, but tries her best to do a proper job. That ability is cast in doubt quickly when Ben announces a renewed push to repeal the Alien Amnesty Act and begin mass deportation of aliens living on Earth.

Hope Amidst Chaos

Ben’s announced pro-human rally is met with the expected counter protest from National City’s alien population. What’s unexpected is that Brainy organized the march under the online handle “American Alien.” Kara and Nia decide to join as security despite Brainy’s desires. He believes that they would be more powerful marching as citizens, but Kara isn’t moved. That all changes when she encounters a pro-humanist she previously saved berating protesters. Supergirl is OK with him because she is a hero. But she is so much more than just a protector. Kara leaves and returns in civilian clothing to march alongside her friends and fellow offworlders.

The two protests converge as Ben, flanked by Children of Liberty, spews “us against them” rhetoric to rile up his base. The aliens remain non-violent and tensions appear to be calming when Manchester Black returns with many holographic versions of himself. Alex forcefully pulls Ben offstage as Brainy and Kara take Hat into custody. J’onn’s aggression continues to build as he chases down Black. He catches up to him and begins beating and berating him until he learns that he is attacking a COL member disguised as Black.

The chaotic scene soon gives way to moments of compassion and unity as human and alien alike help each other off the ground and rush to safety. Even the merit-based heckler turns over a new leaf. These images are captured on film by James and broadcast worldwide the next day, offering the world their first glimpse of hope amid the brewing tensions.

Chaos Amidst Hope

Unfortunately, hope is fleeting. Ben’s efforts to repeal the Alien Amnesty Act are put on hold following the incident, but the government still isn’t keeping their hands clean. Haley continues pushing Lena to finish her super serum quicker, ultimately leading her to work even more obsessively than before. J’onn’s ruthlessness fully returns as a result of his time with Black. He shifts into his alien form and goes full manhunter, promising to find Black. Worst of all, James is shot in the back and left to bleed out in his CatCo office. The day was a victory, but the night gutted that accomplishment soundly.

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