Gotham Season 5 Episode 9 Recap

Last week on Gotham, Bullock faced some demons from his past after investigating a double murder. Elsewhere, Bruce and Alfred investigated the tunnels, while Penguin and Nygma were forced to deal with the villainous ventriloquist dummy Scarface.

In Gotham season 5 episode 9, Gordon tries to broker peace between the rival gangs while putting his life on the line. Meanwhile, a familiar face returns to put a spell on Bruce, leaving Selina alone to defend herself, as Barbara and Penguin consider their next moves.

Trials and Tribulations


Gordon told Lee that a water shortage is forcing him to negotiate a ceasefire between Gotham’s various gangs. Lee worries about his safety with his child on the way. Penguin gathers the various factions at his hideout, but they fight each other. Gordon arrives and lobbies for the ceasefire, but someone from the crowd seemingly shoots him. Bullock and the rest of the GCPD men carry Gordon to safety, while Barbara looks on in horror. Back at GCPD, Lee removes the bullet fragments from Gordon’s body as he slips into a dreamscape.

Inside Gordon’s mind, the ”trial of Jim Gordon” begins. Jim pleads to be released when a Gordon doppelganger arrives to point out all of his failures throughout the years. Bullock returns to the surgery room to compare the bullet and the fragments extracted form Gordon. He discovers that it’s one of Victor Zsasz’s. Meanwhile, Zsasz shows up at GCPD asking for Gordon, but Alfred knocks him out. Bullock interrogates Zsasz, and realizes that he’s also under the influence of Ivy. Back in Gordon’s head, a Lee doppelganger testifies against him, with the “court” deeming him guilty.

Date Night


Bruce and Selina go on a scavenging mission inside a mansion. Bruce sits Selina down at a table, lights some candles, and treats it like a date. As they begin to eat, someone is lurking in the shadows. Bruce tells Selina that feels responsible for many of the events that have transpired in the city, when Ivy emerges from the shadows. And she’s got some muscle this time – the leader of The Mutants. Due to Bruce’s brash impulses, Ivy is able place his mind under her control.

Ivy leaves, and Selina barely makes it out of the clutches of the Mutant leader. Bruce visits Lucius at a water purification plant where he reveals that water toxicity levels are dropping. Bruce sprays Lucius with some of Ivy’s perfume, asking him to shut down the plant, which he agrees to. Lucius and Bruce follow Ivy’s plan until Selina arrives. Bruce confronts Selina, but she is able to literally beat Ivy’s mind control out of him. The duo stop Lucius with a comical kick to the head by Selina and Bruce reveals Ivy’s plan.

Siren Song


Back with Penguin and Barbara, he argues that she might be better off if Gordon were dead, when Bullock storms in in a fit of rage. He questions them both, learning that the shot came form outside of his hideout. Bullock finds the bullet and asks that Barbara try to unite the gangs. Back at the Sirens club, Barbara gathers the various gang leaders to toast the apparent death of Gordon. Penguin questions her motives, but she proposes a truce. They refuse, and Barbara informs them that the shots they all just took contain a slow acting poison. They all agree to relinquish their weapons caches and accept the truce for the antidote.

Love And Marriage


Later, Ivy arrives to free Zsasz. Bullock rallies the troops to find Ivy, when Zsasz attacks. Zsasz reveals that he’s a distraction, and the noise from the gunfire draws Alfred from the surgery room. Alfred joins the firefight, while Bullock creates a distraction. He eventually appears in Riddler’s bomb suit and he is able to take Zsasz down. Back in Gordon’s head, he’s trapped behind bars with a Bullock doppelganger on the other side. The ghost of the kid who died in the Haven bombing eventually sets him free. Ivy arrives in the operating room with a flat lining Gordon. Lee and Ivy duke it out when the latter reveals her master plan to let the plants take over Gotham. Lee shoots Ivy, but the latter breaks the vile of adrenaline that was key in saving Gordon’s life.

Lee tries to resuscitate Gordon and we enter his subconscious for a final time. Gordon follows the kid into a room with an electric char, which he gets hooked up to. Once activated, Gordon awakens in real life, and promptly asks Lee to marry him. A month later, the two tie the knot at GCPD. Bullock officiates, and after Lee and Gordon make it official, Bruce and Selina also kiss. Later at the Sirens club, Penguin rubs the wedding in Barbara’s face. He suggests that Gordon will only see her as a person who is holding his child from him. Penguin also mentions that if she leaves, Gordon will hunt her down for the child, to whom she replies, “let him.”

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