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The Flash Season 5 Episode 15 Recap

In the previous episode of The Flash, Barry went into the speed force to accelerate and finish the meta human cure. While Flash was away, Nora got stuck in a time loop where Cicada continued to murder various members of Team Flash. During these various timelines, Cisco went on a recurring date that eventually turned out well. With the help of Team Flash, Nora was able to escape the loop but not before Cicada escaped after 52 different tries.

This week in The Flash season 5 episode 15, Team Flash found themselves teaming up with an unexpected ally to take down Gorilla Grodd. Elsewhere, Joe returns from his trip to help Iris get past the traumatic events of her last confrontation with Cicada.

Guinea Pig

The Flash

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Team Flash realizes that they need a volunteer to test out the newly synthesized meta human cure. Considering that they’ve agreed not to force it on anyone, Barry comes to the realization that King Shark might be a willing participant. Team Flash visits Lyla at A.R.G.U.S where they attempt to talk King Shark into taking the cure. They also meet up with Tanya Lamden, who reveals that King Shark (a.k.a. Earth 2’s Shay Lamden) has made great strides in regaining the human part of his brain.

They learn about a “telepathic crown” that gives King Shark the ability to communicate with them. As they attempt to chat with King Shark, he quickly escapes his enclosure after a fit of rage and swims away. Team Flash decide to take the crown back to S.T.A.R. Labs, where they can amplify its signal and track King Shark’s whereabouts. Once there, Sherloque suggests that Tanya has something to hide, but she asserts that Shay Lamden is just her patient. The signal is successfully boosted, when they get a hit that King Shark is at the wharf. Upon arriving, they attach the crown to communicate with him. He eventually picks up Cisco, and Barry impulsively uses the cure on King Shark before he eats his friend. Shay emerges from the water in his human form.

A Fishy Love Story

the flash

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Shay wakes to learn that he is once again human. However, there is still dark matter in his brain, which another dose of the cure will solve. Shay feels remorseful for his actions as King Shark, and ultimately takes responsibility. They also learn that the dark matter is replicating, forcing Team Flash to hold him  until he gets another dose. Cisco and Catlin confront Barry about his decision to force the cure on King Shark, which Barry defends as an attempt to save Cisco’s life. Later, Barry again tries to apologize to the two, but Gorilla Grodd appears out of nowhere. Grodd takes control of Caitlin and Cisco,  and he escapes with the crown.

Cisco and Caitlin recover while Lyla explains how Grodd escaped from A.R.G.U.S., and it’s also revealed that King Shark is able to resist Grodd’s telepathic abilities. Tanya observes Shay from afar, when Sherloque convinces her that she might love him. Shay and Tonya eventually talk outside on a balcony, before the two share a kiss. Eventually, Grodd emerges at the city center with a plan to take control of the humans using the crown. Shay offers to turn back into King Shark, but he learns that he won’t be able to use the cure again if he does. Cicso uses his vibe powers to accelerate the dark matter, and King Shark is reborn.

Joe Returns

Elsewhere, Iris, and Cecile all discuss Joe’s trip to visit Wally in Tibet. Joe is now back and up to date on the Cicada situation. He also suggests that someone might be still be working with Cicada. Iris tries to skirt the discussion, which seems to worry her father. She leaves abruptly after Joe brings up her new office. At Jitters, Joe confronts Iris about the fact that Cicada knows who she is, which is why she refuses to go back to her office. Joe offers to try and help her overcome this fear. Joe and Iris visit a gym, and he encourages her to overcome her fear of Cicada by facing it.

Fins vs. Fangs

Meanwhile, Barry and Nora decide to try and stop Grodd. Flash and XS are nearly able to knock the crown off of Grodd, but he incapacitates them with his increased powers. King Shark confronts Grodd, and the two duke it out. King Shark eventually gets hung from a crane, which immobilizes him. Barry and Nora, now back in action, work together to electrocute the crane using their powers, eventually sending Grodd to street level. King Shark deals the final blow to Grodd, returning the crown to his head in victory.

Back at STAR Labs, Team Flash learn that Grodd will be put into medically induced coma to prevent another breakout. King Shark returns to his tank at A.R.G.U.S., as Tanya observes her new love. The duo communicates using the crown, and we learn that he’s now cognizant of his recent memories and seemingly in control. Iris finally returns to her office, when she somehow just learns about the battle between King Shark and Grodd. Barry once again apologizes for using the cure, promising that it won’t happen again. However, they take a small victory in the fact that it works when Barry impulsively suggests that they should offer the cure to Cicada.

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