Gotham Season 5 Episode 8 Recap

Last week on Gotham, Bruce and Jeremiah’s paths finally came to a head, with the latter being treated to the classic Joker origin story at ACE chemicals. Meanwhile, Penguin and Catwoman searched for a way to escape the city. Penguin, Nygma, and Barbara decided to build a submarine together, but it was easier said than done.

In Gotham season 5 episode 8, Bullock’s past came back to haunt him. Bullock and Gordon investigated a double murder at the Sirens club. Meanwhile, Bruce and Alfred explore the tunnels beneath the city, while Penguin and Nygma’s plans to escape was nearly thwarted by an unusual suspect.

Jane Doe


With Penguin’s submarine escape plan taking shape, the villains found themselves in need of a few crucial elements – such as oil. Barbara puts feelers out, and two former cops turn up with the information at Barbara’s club. Unfortunately, they bump into Harvey’s former partner, Dix, who unexpectedly kills them. Barbara naturally calls Gordon and Bullock to investigate. Harvey has a hard time believing that Dix killed anyone, considering he was paralyzed decades ago. But Barbara remains confident that he committed the murder. The duo decides to investigate his apartment, and Dix is indeed confined to a wheelchair. While there, Dix denies the murder, but Gordon doesn’t quite buy his story due to some oddities in his behavior. Dix’s doppelganger arrives, and Bullock pulls a mask off the person’s face before they can escape.

After some digging back at GCPD, Bullock reveals that Victoria Cartwright was a woman who he put away years ago for murdering her husband. Being the corrupt cop that he once was, Harvey also used her then young daughter Jane as the primary witness for the conviction. However, he makes Jim suspicious through his body language, so Gordon eventually leaves his partner behind to find Doe alone. Gordon and some compatriots visit what seems to be the abandoned residence of Jane Cartwright, aka Jane Doe. She eventually attacks one of Gordon’s men, shifting her appearance to him this time. Gordon realizes this, and apprehends her.

My Little Friend


Penguin and Riddler work hard on the escape submarine, although Penguin proves not to be very useful with the project. Eventually, Penguin’s presumed dead subordinate, Albert Penn, shows up, literally out of nowhere. However, Arthur also arrives with a seemingly sentient puppet named Scarface, who knows of the loot stash presumably because of Albert. He shoots Penguin’s only thug, and demands the loot. Penguin looks to understand his former friend’s origin. Albert reveals that he woke up in the hospital alone after being shot. Eventually, he hid in an abandoned Magic Shop, where he met the ventriloquist dummy.

Scarface wants all Oswald’s stash, as well as the moniker of being the “boss” of Gotham. Nygma sides with Scarface, bringing Albert/Scarface in as a partner for the escape. Naturally, Penguin is angry with Nygma for the betrayal. Scarface tries to murder Penguin, but Penguin appeals to Arthur as his friend. Penguin is finally able to escape thanks to Nygma’s ingenuity. He shoots Scarface, shattering the doll, while Ed takes care of Albert. The two laugh after coming to the realization that their insanity compliments their partnership.

Killer Croc Psyche Out


Bruce and Alfred take a journey into the sewers of Gotham to find the husband of a missing woman. As the duo investigate the tunnels, they discover a severed hand with some sort of bite marks. They also discover a random person who is running from a mutated man. Alfred and Bruce fight off the creature, and take him down.

Back at the hospital, Brice and Alfred agree to be less gung ho about following a lead without Gordon’s help. Alfred feels responsible for the destruction of Wayne Manor, but Bruce forgives him for his apparent mistake.

Bullock’s Absolution


Gordon interrogates Jane Doe, and learns that Hugo Strange gave Jane her powers when she was institutionalized. She also reveals that Bullock is somehow responsible, before she is able to free herself. Bullock confesses his guilt to Dix, but out of nowhere strangles his former partner to death. Barbara arrives at GCPD, when Gordon realizes that Jane is impersonating Bullock. They find Dix’s body and lock down GCPD in order to contain Jane. Later, Barbara comes running into the room claiming to have been attacked. Gordon questions her identity, and then the real Barbara arrives. Jane (as Barbara) manages to escape.

Bullock returns to Jane’s home to confront her. She tells him that she wants him to shoot her, but he refuses to do so. Bullock is eventually forced to shoot her after she attempts to gun him down. Bullock comes clean to Gordon about forcing a confession out of Jane to lock up her mom. As it turns out, Cartwright murdered her husband to protect her daughter from his abuse. Bullock knew this, and he decided to ignore it in fear of ruining the case. Gordon realizes Harvey’s past as a corrupt cop, before confessing that he himself inadvertently made Jane into a killer.

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