Gotham Season 5 Episode 7 Recap

Last week on Gotham, Gordon and his allies attempted to dethrone Eduardo’s forces after they captured Jim’s old flame, Lee. Gordon defeated Eduardo, who was later revived to become Bane. Elsewhere, Bruce, Barbara, Alfred, Lucius, and Nygma successfully transmitted the data from the chip that was inside of Nygma’s head. Meanwhile, Selina and Penguin struck up a partnership to take down a jewel thief named Magpie. After the dust settled, Barbara revealed that she was pregnant in front of Jim and Lee.

In Gotham, season 5 episode 7, Bruce and Jeremiah’s paths finally come together, while Selina and Penguin search for a way to  escape from the city.

Family Reunion


A group of men were on the run from a test of Mad Hatter’s gas before they are brutally taken down. At GCPD, Gordon learns that help is on the way now that Walker is seemingly out of the picture. Bruce laments Alfred’s capture, vowing to track his friend down. He eventually takes to the streets, following Jeremiah’s trail through a series of clues that relate to the death of his parents. Bruce discovers Jeremiah’s tunnel, which eventually leads him to Wayne Manor. Bruce soon discovers two people who have been surgically altered to look like his parents, along with a hypnotized Alfred.

Jeremiah confronts Bruce, unveiling a crude gas bomb in his home. Jeremiah eventually reveals that his plan is to re-enact the night that Bruce’s parents were murdered. However, he hopes to do so by murdering Bruce’s parents himself, thereby intertwining their inexplicable connection forever. Jeremiah leaves with Bruce’s faux parents, activating the bomb on his way out. Bruce is able to lure Alfred into the tunnel just as the bomb explodes, completely destroying Wayne Manor in the process. Alfred eventually regains his senses, before encouraging Bruce to go after Jeremiah.

Just Like Old Times


Bullock alerts Gordon of the dead bodies from the laughing gas test. The Chessmen are somehow involved. Later, Barbara visits Lee at the hospital, and she asks for her help in tending to her pregnancy. Gordon arrives, and Lee forces them to work things out in order to treat Barbara. Afterward, Lee and Gordon visit the narrows together, and eventually find a clue that leads them to the Chessmen’s hideout.

Gordon and Lee discover the Chessmen’s hub of production to be none other than ACE chemicals itself. Eventually, Lee and Gordon are confronted by the Mad Hatter, who quickly incapacitates them. Gordon and Lee awake tied to a pole while Mad Hatter and Harley egg the two on. But they nearly turn the tables, when Mad Hatter pulls out his watch to hypnotize them.

Perfect Getaway


At the docks, Selina and Penguin formulate a plan to escape the city. She presents Jeremiah’s tunnel as their best opportunity. Selina visits Barbara, who seeks a way of getting Penguin’s loot off of the island. Penguin and Selina inspect the tunnel, when they run into an escaping Alfred. Selina learns that Jeremiah is alive, and that Bruce needs her help. Selina nearly kills Penguin, when she relents to go and help Bruce out of guilt.

Penguin and Riddler reconnect, even though Ed is upset over recent events. However, Penguin eventually encourages him to help escape the city and they return to his hideout to formulate a plan. Barbara visits Penguin and Riddler, and they reveal that a submarine is now their escape plan. However, there’s one caveat – they will have to build it. Barbara agrees to the plan, telling them to reach out when the sub is ready.

ACE In the Hole


Bruce confronts Jeremiah in the fabled alleyway where his parents died. Jeremiah reveals that the people playing his parents this time are a hypnotized Lee and Gordon. They are the closest things to parents that he currently has, and Jeremiah wants to kill them both in front of Bruce. Ecco arrives with a trick full of Mad Hatter’s gas, before Selina intervenes at the last moment. Lee and Gordon are eventually freed from the hypnosis, and the latter eventually drives the truck off of the docks and into Gotham river. Bruce chases Jeremiah into Ace Chemicals, where the two finally square off. Bruce gets the best of his adversary – but in typical Joker origin story fashion – Jeremiah accidentally falls into a vat of acid. Gotham’s clown price of crime is supposedly born.

Later, Bruce and Selina look at Joker’s comatose body in the hospital and he gives her his heartfelt thanks for her help. Gordon learns that the chemicals from the truck still managed to contaminate the water. Lee and Gordon have a heart to heart, and she tries to understand his predicament with Barbara despite feeling let down. They eventually reconcile and unsurprisingly, share a kiss.

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