Harry Lloyd Talks Playing Charles Xavier on Legion

FX made a surprise announcements earlier this week when it revealed that not only would Legion be ending with the upcoming third season, but it would feature an appearance by a major character from the X-Men mythos. Harry Lloyd is taking on the role of Professor Charles Xavier, father of the series’ lead character, David Haller. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lloyd teased his approach to playing the Marvel Universe’s most powerful telepath.

Lloyd admitted that he hasn’t read all the scripts for the episodes he’ll be appearing in. However, he seems to have left no stone unturned when doing research for his role.

“Over Christmas, I watched all of the X-Men films with McAvoy and Stewart, and then I watched the two seasons of Legion,” said Lloyd. “It’s good to be aware of [the films], but also it’s a completely different universe. And actually, I have a lot of freedom and I think I’m encouraged to do my own thing. I went back to the comics and I learned all about the original story and saw what [the producers] were using and what they were gonna throw away. Legion is incredibly irreverent and beautifully surreal. I felt my main job was to have some fun with it and tell this crazy story.”

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Lloyd added that “there’s no shaving required” for the role, which presumably means he’ll be donning a bald cap. Another possibility is that Lloyd will portray Xavier in flashbacks when he still had hair. Lloyd also hinted that the new round of episodes will lead to an appropriate conclusion to the series.

“I would say season 3, from what I’ve seen, does seem to be working towards tying up and answering the questions and revealing some things that haven’t been seen,” continued Lloyd. “I think it’ll be very satisfying.”

Legion will begin its final season on FX this June. You can share your thoughts on Harry Lloyd’s remarks in the comment section below!