HBO’s Watchmen Adds Hong Chau To its Cast

The marketing team behind HBO’s upcoming Watchmen series continues to tease us with scintillating Instagram posts, but it looks like the casting process is far from over. According to Deadline, actress Hong Chau has been recruited for what’s being described as a “key role” in this latest take on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ seminal comic book story.

HBO hasn’t confirmed the details of Chau’s role, but Deadline indicates that she will play a Vietnamese character named Lady T. That name isn’t likely to ring any bells for fans of Moore and Gibbons’ book. However, it’s worth noting that Vietnam did play an important role in the original story. It was revealed in the miniseries that President Nixon’s decision to ask Dr. Manhattan to intervene in the Vietnam War brought the conflict to a swift end. Moreover, it caused Nixon’s approval rating to skyrocket and facilitated his re-election to a third presidential term. Although it might be a reach, Lady T.’s nationality suggests that she may have some ties with Dr. Manhattan and the Comedian’s time in her country.

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Chau earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role in 2017’s Downsizing, where she starred opposite Matt Damon. She has also appeared on the HBO original series Treme and Big Little Lies. More recently, she had a role in Amazon’s Homecoming. In 2014, she made her feature film debut in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice. Chau will next be seen in Artemis Fowl, Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of Eoin Colfer’s young-adult book of the same name.

Watchmen will premiere on HBO sometime later this year. Do you have any additional theories about Chau’s character? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!