Brian Stapf Joins DC Universe’s Stargirl as Wildcat

The cast of DC Universe’s upcoming Stargirl series continues to take shape. Hot on the heels of today’s announcement that Lou Ferrigno Jr. will play Hourman on the show, TV Insider has confirmed that Brian Stapf is joining the series as well. Stapf, a veteran of The Walking Dead and The Purge, will portray the DC Comics superhero Wildcat in what’s described as a recurring role.

Wildcat first appeared in 1942 as the alter-ego of Ted Grant, a professional heavyweight boxer. He was initially given the nickname “WIldcat” due to the impressive agility he displayed in the ring. After an encounter with a young boy who was robbed of his Green Lantern comic, Grant was inspired to put on his own cat-themed costume. He later became a member of the Justice Society of America. As his name suggests, Wildcat has nine lives as the result of a magic spell. This spell also allowed him to age at a slower rate and gave him enhanced vision. His propensity for boxing has also led him to train Batman, Black Canary, and even Superman in hand-to-hand combat.

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Ted Grant previously appeared in live-action during the third season of Arrow. Actor J.R. Ramirez’s take on the character ran the Wildcat Gym and trained Laurel Lance for her fight against Nyssa al Ghul. Before the series, he was a vigilante in the Glades until his protégé, Isaac Stanzler, beat a criminal to death. Grant has also shown up in animated form on Justice League Unlimited, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and Young Justice.

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