Donna Troy Debuts In Titans Season 1 Episode 8 Preview

The Titans have defeated Dr. Adamson and reunited Rachel with her mother. But after this week’s episode, Dick Grayson is done being Robin. As Adamson’s facility burned, Dick tossed his own costume into the fire. In a hallucination, Dick’s younger self confronted him and accused him of perverting Robin’s original purpose. Apparently, Dick took that to heart. Now, the team is going their separate ways in Titans season 1 episode 8. Dick’s gonna have to find his own identity, which we all know is probably going to be Nightwing.

Fortunately, Dick has an old friend in his corner: Donna Troy. The former Wonder Girl is played by Conor Leslie, and she seems like she’ll be a good addition to this show’s universe. In the teaser trailer for episode 8, Donna even shows off her playful side after reuniting with Dick.

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The trailer also indicates that there’s potentially going to be a conflict between the Titans themselves. Although Dick insisted that they were never really a team, that’s not how his teammates saw it. They were just starting to bond as a surrogate family and trusting each other. Unfortunately, it appears that they may have had a sleeper agent among them. According to Donna, Starfire’s true mission has always been to “secure the Raven.” That adds some darker tones to Kory’s relationship with Rachel.

Titans episode 8 will premiere on Friday, November 30, on DC Universe. You can watch the trailer below, then leave us a comment and share your theories!