5 Reasons To Be Excited For the Cassian Andor Star Wars Series

Last month, it was revealed that a second Star Wars live-action series will be coming to Disney’s new steaming service, Disney+. Although the first spinoff, The Mandalorian, will be introducing a brand new character, the second show will be a prequel to 2016’s Rogue One. The still untitled series is set to take place in the early years of the Rebellion, and it will follow Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor.

Out of all the characters that appeared in Rogue One, Cassian is by far the most interesting. Moreover, the film hints at a backstory that is ripe for the picking as far as this series is concerned. Cassian has been a valuable and unwavering asset to the Rebellion, all the way up to his untimely demise in Rogue One. Despite only one film to his credit, Cassian already has an extensive history in place.

This series will not only give general fans a better chance to get to know Cassian, but it’s also an opportunity to expand on one of the most crucial times in Star Wars lore. Using the very limited information that we know about this new Rogue One prequel, here are 5 reasons why we’re hyped for Cassian Andor’s new series.

Cassian Andor’s Complex Morality

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In Rogue One, Cassian hinted that he has ”been in this fight” since the age of six. Some of the official backstory for Cassian has indicated that his father was a Separatist during the Clone Wars, before Cassian was orphaned at an early age. The new series could follow Cassian’s recruitment into the Rebellion. But it’s Cassian’s loyalty to the cause that will make the show interesting and complex.

When audiences first met Cassian, he killed one of his own sources to prevent his capture at the hands of Imperial forces. The look on Cassian’s face suggested that he knew it was wrong, but he did it in the name of the Rebellion. How many other atrocities has Cassian committed for the greater good? That’s an area that’s ripe for exploration in this show.

The Dark Side Of The Rebellion

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Prior to Rogue One, the Rebellion was depicted as a just, moral, and somewhat glamorous cause. However, Cassian’s superior officer had no problem ordering him to commit morally questionable acts to further the Rebellion’s agenda. This works in the show’s favor because it could also explore Cassian’s psychological trauma as a result of his work for the Rebellion. Sabotage and assassinations can weigh heavily on the soul.

This new series will almost certainly explore the ugly – but necessary – actions that ultimately helped the Rebel Alliance stay alive in the battle against the Empire. It may even bring more moral complexity to Star Wars as a whole.

More K-2SO

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One of the best parts of Rogue One was Alan Tudyk’s delightful performance as K-2SO. Although the film hints that K-2SO was “reprogrammed” by Cassian, the spinoff comic, Star Wars: Rogue One – Cassian & K-2SO Special #1, revealed how Cassian first encountered the droid while on a mission to gather imperial intelligence on Wecacoe.

The Cassian series may not be beholden to the comic, but it was fascinating to see that K-2SO’s sardonic personality was created as a result of several failed memory wipes. Plus, a Cassian Andor show is the perfect excuse to bring back K-2SO, since he was one of Rogue One‘s breakout characters.

Uncharted Territory

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The history of the Rebellion has been well chronicled in Star Wars: Rebels, and in the novels and comics. However, Star Wars has largely glossed over the formation of the Rebellion. As a result, casual fans don’t really know the specifics of how the Alliance eventually transformed from a few loosely connected cells into a full-fledged Rebellion. This prequel series offers a chance to streamline the early days of the galactic civil war in a more manageable way.

Using Cassian as a vessel for the story potentially places the show right in the heart of the Rebellion’s early years. We could possibly see a younger Cassian in flashback sequences, when his assignments were even more ambiguous. The story potential is enormous, even though Cassian’s final fate is already sealed.

This Generation’s Han Solo?

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This might be a controversial opinion, but we believe that Cassian Andor could very well be this generation’s Han Solo. Star Wars has yet to duplicate the everlasting appeal of everyone’s favorite intergalactic smuggler. With the sequel trilogy, some have pointed to Poe Dameron as Han’s spiritual successor. Yet Poe doesn’t really have the character depth or innate charisma to compete with Han. But perhaps Cassian does.

This isn’t to say that Cassian and Han are exactly the same. However, Diego Luna has the potential to embody the swashbuckling spirit of these adventures, just like Harrison Ford did in the original trilogy. And while Cassian’s inherent darkness may lead to compelling drama, his misadventures with K-2SO could also recapture some of the fun that Han and Chewie so easily represented. The right blend of comedy, action, and drama could make Cassian and K-2SO into icons as well. Han Solo casts a large shadow on the franchise. But Cassian may be the first character in a long time who can grab the mantle of this generation’s favorite rogue.

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