Supergirl season 4 episode 4 recap

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

Last week’s history lesson regarding Agent Liberty outlined the transformation of Ben Lockwood into Agent Liberty, but his current plans were on full display in the latest episode of Supergirl. The masked menace spearheading the anti-alien movement has a new idea to get at the hearts of Earth’s alien population. Fortunately, Supergirl and company are about to gain a new ally.

Enter Mr. Black

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

Kara is still out of commission thanks to Earth’s Kryptonite-laced atmosphere. Her state angers J’onn as he believes he should’ve joined her in the fight. He tells Alex that he blames himself for the rash of alien disappearances because of his shift toward pacifism. On Alex’s suggestion, J’onn leaves to telepathically search for the missing.

J’onn returns home to find a mysterious man waiting for him, whom he recognizes as Fiona’s fiance. When he asks about Fiona, J’onn informs him of her investigation into Petrocelli. The mystery man identifies himself as Manchester Black before leaving to confront the former policeman. Black discovers Agent Liberty’s plan to attack a police precinct from a drunken Petrocelli as J’onn joins him to fight off the attack.

Instinctual Defiance

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

The DEO is already on the scene, combating a mind-controlled alien, Kopy, that Jensen removed from DEO custody. Supergirl joins the fight, defying Alex’s orders. She initially gains the upper hand, but her weakened state causes her to fall during the fight. Black looks to deliver a finishing blow when Kopy says the word “Anisma,” stopping him cold as the word reminds him of Fiona.

President Baker threatens Alex after the attack, pointing out that Supergirl is under DEO control. That anger spews from Alex as she gives Kara a final warning to follow her orders. At the same time, Nia asks James not to don his Guardian persona again as it might be too dangerous. James points out that heroes do something even when facing danger. Alex goes to J’onn for solace as the stress of heading the DEO overwhelms her. The former director supports her decisions, preaching the importance for her to trust her instincts in the face of protocol.

The Fall of Non-Violence

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

Agent Liberty’s latest heartless plan is revealed through a telepathic communication between J’onn, Black, and Fiona. The anti-alien crusader has set alien children in his sights with a planned assault on the National City Fair. Even better, the thought to be dead Fiona is present on-site as her psychic powers are being used to control the aliens via a parasite. These revelations lead the peaceful J’onn and the formerly violent Black to join the DEO for the assault. Before they leave, Alex apologizes to Kara and asks her to join in the fight. Brainy and Lana’s Kryptonite-cleaning nanites continue cleaning the atmosphere as everyone heads out.

As Supergirl contends with another mind-controlled alien, Hellgrammite, Guardian appears to take out Kopy. The Graves siblings emerge as Supergirl’s protective suit fails. Otis threatens Supergirl’s life in front of Alex as Mercy spews more anti-alien rhetoric. The parasite is withdrawn from Fiona, allowing Hellgrammite to kill both Graves siblings.

However, no one comes out unscathed. Jensen escapes with the parasite as Fiona dies in Black’s arms. Her death leads him to purchase a large amount of weapons. Alex’s actions cause Baker to send Col. Haley to oversee her running of the DEO. Guardian’s actions are misrepresented in the media, depicting him as an anti-alien vigilante. His plan thwarted, Agent Liberty inserts the parasite into Jensen’s ear to “see what we can make.”

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