The Doom Patrol Has an Awkward Dinner In Titans Episode 4 Preview

DC Universe’s Titans is opening the doors to a larger shared world this week, when the Doom Patrol finally arrives. DC’s weirdest heroes are getting their own show next year. But it’s time for casual fans to realize just how strange they are. They are Gar’s surrogate family, but there is nothing ordinary about them. Even Rita Farr (April Bowlby), the most normal looking member of the team can only pass for human so long. DC Daily debuted a short preview from Titans episode 4, which catches up with Rita at dinner. She seems pretty normal when compared to Cliff Steele / Robotman and Larry Trainor / Negative Man. However, her choice of dinner is pretty disgusting…and that’s just the beginning.

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Additionally, Jake Michaels shared a behind-the-scenes clip of himself in costume as Robotman. Even with the bulky costume in place, Michaels’ Robotman can still dance and do the robot.

Ryan Potter also spoke with Entertainment Weekly and set the stage for Beast Boy’s larger role in the series going forward.

“I think what makes his introduction dope is because of the family you get to see Beast Boy come from: The Doom Patrol,” said Potter. “Every episode has a different emphasis on a different character, or relationship, or story point. It’s a slow build. We’re gonna take time to sit and marinate with these characters, to get to know them and their quirks and get a sense of how they think and how they feel. Before we get them all together for these big action scenes and loud noises, we are trying to build these character pieces.”

Titans episode 4 will premiere on DC Universe on Friday, November 2.

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