Daredevil season 3 episode 7 recap
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Daredevil Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

Fisk’s task is complete. The city has its new villain, Daredevil was labeled a murderer and Matt Murdock is still running from the FBI. With their key witness dead, the Hell’s Kitchen crew is now left to pick up the pieces and try to move forward with their task.

I Did This

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

Jasper’s murder has sent ripples throughout all of the survivors of Dex’s attack. None more so than Karen, who blames herself not just for Jasper’s death but every life lost in the assault. Foggy tries to comfort her after an interview with Ray, but the two pass a table full of phones from Dex’s victims receiving text messages from loved ones.

Her psyche takes another hit when she visits Ellison in the hospital. He dismisses her apology, saying such actions are what they’re supposed to do as journalists. When Karen fervently states that the murderer wasn’t the real Daredevil, Ellison deduces that Karen knows the true identity of the real Daredevil. Karen’s reluctance to give up Matt sends Ellison into a rage, believing she is holding back information that could help avenge the lives lost. The injured editor threatens to fire her if she doesn’t reveal everything she knows.

Your Kind of Help

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

Ray’s confidence in his deal with Fisk is starting to waver. Karen’s denial that the murderer is the real Daredevil, additional leads and Jasper’s murder form a pocket of doubt within Ray. That grows larger when the prison warden is evasive when asked about Jasper’s release. It is enough for Ray to go to Hattley. The two are reluctant to lose everything Fisk has delivered to them, but Ray asks for more time to get all of the facts.

His first stop is Fisk’s penthouse prison, which he doesn’t know also houses a secret observation room where Fisk has been watching his watchers. Ray is taken aback by all that Fisk has gained as he walks through the pristinely decorated room. Ray expounds about seeing people like Fisk before, people that use those around him under the guise of helping them. Fisk pushes back but shuts down the conversation when Ray asks about Jasper.

No Longer of Use

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

A bloodied Matt, much like Karen, blames himself for Jasper’s death as Maggie stitches him up. As Matt overflows with self-doubt, Maggie apologizes for encouraging Matt to involve Foggy and Karen. Matt softens, knowing she was only trying to help, but continues doubting himself when left alone.

He has little time to do so though as he tracks down Melvin believing he made Dex’s Daredevil suit. Melvin kisses his girlfriend and parole officer Betsy goodbye before Matt confronts him, forcing him to take him to his new workshop. Melvin reveals that Fisk forced him to make the suit, threatening Betsy life if he didn’t comply. When they arrive at the shop, Melvin traps Matt with another Daredevil suit as an FBI squad approaches. Matt breaks out of the trap and fights Melvin as he apologizes profusely, forcing Melvin to reveal that the impostor Daredevil is an FBI agent. The two fight off the FBI but Matt sneaks away, leaving Melvin to take the fall.

Matt warns Betsy of Fisk’s threats on her life, but she chastises Matt for using Melvin just like Fisk did. The act isn’t lost on Matt, whose guilt manifests as Fisk once again. “Guilt Fisk” berates him for using Melvin and amplifies Matt’s thoughts of inferiority. He’s not strong enough, smart enough and too proud to take down Fisk, just like his father. The mental apparition’s parting words are that Matt will die the same way as his dad.

Close to Home

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

Foggy’s discovery of new information that could reveal Fisk’s endgame is overshadowed by a crumbling Karen trying to find any kind of rock to clutch. She is so desperate that she contemplates going home to her problematic family. She calls her father, assuring him she’s ok, but is left in tears after he tells her not to come home.

Ray is having trouble at home as well. He comes home to a surprise party celebrating his promotion, but Seema calls him out for lying about being attacked by Dex at the Bulletin office. He apologizes, realizing that truth is the only thing that can repair their relationship. With that back on the right track, Ray goes to the garage to gets some more drinks. He notices that the door is cracked open as the real Daredevil emerges from the shadows. After a brief skirmish, Matt identifies himself as the real Daredevil and that the impostor Devil is an FBI agent.

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