Who Wants To Be A Comic Book Hero?

Last week SHH was given an ‘Exclusive’ sneak peek at the new MTV series Who Wants To Be A Comic Book Hero?. We can’t give away any of the super-secret-details, but what SHH did see was a 20 minute “sizzle tape” of what promises to be the dream of every die-hard superhero fan! Who wouldn’t want to BE a real-life comic book superhero? Do you think you have what it takes? If so, strap on that cape and utilty belt MTV & the world need YOU!

Become the World’s Greatest Comic Book Hero on TV!

Do you think you have what it takes to be the next great Comic Book Hero? How far would you go to get your Comic Book Hero character published in a real comic book? Would you dress, live, act, and compete as your character against villains and other heroes?

MTV wants to help you develop your alter-ego in an exciting new TV show!

Now is your chance to be on a new “reality” show in which you will compete for the Ultimate Prize! The winner will have their character published in a REAL COMIC BOOK as determined by a Legendary Comic Book creator!

To find out more and to fill out the application for the show, CLICK HERE.

Stay tuned good citizens, SHH will be following this story very closely as it unfolds…

Source: Excelsior