Avatar: The Last Airbender Exclusive Kyoshi Glowing Funko Pop

For those who grew up with green being the exclusive color of glow-in-the-dark toys, the blue glow they can make now is a trip, more ghostly seeming than radioactive. Blue and glowing are words one might normally apply to James Cameron’s Avatar, but for a new, exclusive Funko Pop, it’s the other one — Avatar: The Last Airbender — that gets the treatment. In the run-up to Netflix’s live-action adaptation that hopes to do better than the last attempt, Entertainment Earth is the exclusive home for the glow-in-the-dark Kyoshi.

Earth to Avatar

The Earth Kingdom-born Avatar who lived to be over 200 years old, Kyoshi was more ruthless than Aang, willing to kill enemies in her pursuit of justice. The Pop represents her powered-up version, and Entertainment Earth sent an early sample along for our perusal.

It didn’t take long to charge her under a lightbulb.

The figure comes in the usual Funko box with a foil sticker. If you open your Funkos, be careful tossing out the packaging, as her clear plastic circular stand is easy to miss against the plastic partial-clamshell. Kyoshi includes one point of articulation: a cut joint at the neck.

The glow effect is most pronounced on her front side, less so on the back.

She sells for $14.99, with a discount of $3.75 off for anyone who doesn’t care about imperfect packaging. Due to our affiliate deal with Entertainment Earth, Readers can obtain a 10% discount on in-stock items via this link, with free shipping on orders over $79 using the code FALLFREE79. Kyoshi is in stock now.

So, which toy company will be the first to make a Dr. Manhattan action figure in glowing blue? Come on, Todd McFarlane, use your power for good here.

Check out a couple more in-hand shots of Kyoshi down below: