Kino Loy looking shocked in Andor.
Kino Loy looking shocked in Andor.

Andor: Andy Serkis Plays Coy About Kino Loy’s Possible Season 2 Return

Andor star Andy Serkis refuses to reveal whether Kino Loy will return in Season 2 but confirms his fan-favorite Star Wars character is still alive.

Per Entertainment Weekly, the Star Wars alum spoke about his character’s arc in Andor Season 1, suggesting that fans may see him again when the show returns to Disney+. “There weren’t really many discussions about the afterlife of Kino. All that we do know is that he survives,” Serkis said. “I mean, we don’t see him die. We see him left for a further life of the character.” Loy’s story comes to end after helping the titular character Cassian Andor escape an Imperial labor prison, only to reveal that he cannot swim, prevent him from fleeing the ocean planet of Narkina V.

While Serkis may not have elaborated on whether Loy will make a triumphant return to assist the Rebel Alliance, he did go on to praise the script penned by Tony Gilroy, Andor’s showrunner. “So it was a really extraordinary journey to go on within a prison setting, and a very sterile prison setting — quite a heartfelt journey considering the environment that they’re in. But that’s the brilliance about Tony Gilroy’s writing. He provides these environments for characters to thrive and survive in.”

From Fugitive to Rebel

Andor follows the eponymous protagonist as he attempts to escape the Empire after killing to Imperial Officers. Over the course of his journey, he ultimately plays a significant role in setting up the Rebel Alliance that will ultimately topple the tyrannical reign of Darth Sidious. Serkis only appeared in a handful of episodes but his character quickly became one of the show’s most popular, leading many to question whether his open-ended conclusion could set up future appearances. While many of Andor Season 1’s main players, including Stellan Skarsgård‘s Luthen Rael, are confirmed to return, Lucasfilm has yet to definitively reveal whether Kino Loy will turn up again.

Andor Season 1 is now available to stream on Disney+. Season 2 does not have a release date.