Kit Harrington Addresses MCU Future, Black Knight Won’t Appear in Blade

Kit Harrington gave a disappointing update about his future as Black Knight in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When will Black Knight appear in the MCU?

The Eternals and Game of Thrones star recently made an appearance at San Antonio’s Superhero Comic Con where he addressed his reveal as the Black Knight during the post-credit scene of Marvel’s 2021 blockbuster. The scene in question involved Dane Whitman (Harrington) opening a box containing the Ebony Blade. As he’s about to put his hands on it, Whitman stops at the off-screen voice of Blade (Mahershala Ali). Now Harrington puts to rest any rumors about a Black Knight/Blade team-up in the Daywalker’s stand-alone film.

“The honest answer is I think that’s the intention with the character,” Harington said. “I think there was some misunderstanding about whether he was going to be in the Blade movie. He was never meant to be in the Blade movie and isn’t.”

While Harrington clarified his status in Blade, the actor reveals that he has no idea when Marvel Studios will need him again. But he remains interested in continuing Black Knight’s story in the MCU. “At this stage, I don’t know. At this stage, I hope he gets used,” Harrington continued. “I know there’s some really fascinating parts of that character which would be beneficial to delve into and interesting, which are the aspects around his mental health things and specifically about addiction with that character which I think is really interesting. So I hope they use him. I hope that the Black Knight comes along. I hope that Dane Whitman is that character but, at this stage, I can’t tell you anything. But I think the intention is to develop him at some point.”

Marvel Studios’ Eternals is now streaming on Disney Plus.