Spider-Man Mary Jane superhero

Spider-Man: Marvel Turns MJ, Peter Parker’s Ex-Girlfriend, Into a New Superhero

Mary Jane Watson, Spider-Man/Peter Parker’s ex-girlfriend, will transform into a new superhero named Jackpot in Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man series.

Marvel Comics announced Amazing Spider-Man #31 will see Mary Jane Watson don her new persona. With a costume designed by artist Humberto Ramos, Mary Jane’s journey as Jackpot will continue throughout Amazing Spider-Man. She will also star in an upcoming, yet-to-be-announced limited series.

“SPECIAL OVER-SIZED ISSUE! IT’S THE WEDDING OF THE YEAR!” the solicitation for Amazing Spider-Man #31 reads. “Peter Parker is the best man, and Tombstone is walking the bride down the aisle! That’s right—Janice Lincoln and Randy Robertson are tying the knot, and there’s NO WAY all the crime bosses in NYC aren’t seeing this as an opportunity to off Tombstone. This story sets up our big Spider-Event of Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr.’s second year on ASM, and that’s just the HALF of it! Also in this issue: bachelor/bachelorette parties, other ASM-story preludes, glimpses of some of the biggest unannounced Spider-projects and extra bonus awesomeness!”

Why Aren’t Spider-Man and Mary Jane a Couple Anymore?

The first issue of the ongoing Amazing Spider-Man series revealed Mary Jane was now romantically involved with a man named Paul. It also revealed she had two children — Stephanie and Owen. Following issues explained that Mary Jane became close with Paul when she was trapped in an alternate dimension (which is also where they found Stephanie and Owen, both orphans) for several years. 

Upon returning to Earth-616, Mary Jane told Peter that — despite whatever feelings she may still have for him — she plans to continue dating Paul. This prompts Peter to reignite his relationship with Black Cat/Felicia Hardy. Mary Jane then received her own host of superpowers via the alternate dimension during Jed MacKay and Vincenzo Carat’s Mary Jane & Black Cat limited series.

Amazing Spider-Man #31 is written by Zeb Wells and more, features art by John Romita Jr., Zé Carlos, David López, Mark Bagley, Alba Glez, Paco Medina, Albert Monteys, and Patrick Gleason, and cover art by Romita Jr. The issue releases on Aug. 9, 2023, from Marvel.