James Gunn: Nobody at Marvel Ever Fought Me on Anything
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James Gunn: Nobody at Marvel Ever Fought Me on Anything

The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise is known for its incredible soundtracks, something that director James Gunn says he’d never been fought on for including in the past.

James Gunn didn’t clash with Marvel on song choices

Speaking during a recent appearance on the Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum podcast, Gunn was asked about his music choices for the three Guardians films. Rosenbaum was asked if there were any songs that Gunn wanted in the film, but couldn’t because Marvel would fight him.

According to Gunn, they never fought him on any of that.

“No, nobody ever fought me on anything,” said Gunn. “No. Never fought me on anything. What happened was…on the first script, because I write all of the songs into the script, and on the first script, Kevin Feige read the script, and…he’s said this in interviews, so I’m not betraying any confidence. He goes ‘Oh, well that’s cute. He thinks these are the songs that are going to be in the movie.'”

Gunn went on to say that while it is a “no no” in scriptwriting to include stuff like that, “there’s a lot of no no’s in scriptwriting that not necessarily no no’s if you’re the director.” Gunn then said the script, for him, is “a blueprint for the movie,” and noted that he’s sometimes added drawings and other things onto a script to help him visualize the film.

Thankfully for Gunn, he was able to use all of the songs he wanted to in the films. The songs included in the film — especially in the first film — would go on to become a staple of the franchise, and something fans looked forward to for each installment.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is now available to watch in theaters.