Five New Doctor Strange Posters Showcase the Film’s Different Formats

You know the theatrical moviegoing experience has returned when a major feature can advertise five different types of viewing option. In honor of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness tickets going on sale today, Marvel Studios dropped five new Doctor Strange posters to showcase the range of options for viewers. At-home streaming is not one of them at this time. But Dolby, Imax, RealD, ScreenX, and plain old no-frills, normal theater screen are.

We haven’t seen 3D as an option quite as much as it used to be utilized for every major blockbuster. But it’s still a big deal in China. And it worked particularly well in the first, reality-bending Doctor Strange film. With the movie set to encompass multiple realities, there’s a lot of room for creative use of the effect. Meanwhile, the ScreenX format, also more popular in Asia, includes extra footage shot on either side of the screen framing, to create an ultra-wide immersive effect on the auditorium’s side walls.

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All these deluxe formats allow studios to charge more for tickets, of course. But they also add enhancements that simply can’t be had at home. And some fans like to be completists. The multiple formats allow for repeat viewings in theaters to offer slightly different experiences each time.

Take a look through the gallery below to see all five new Doctor Strange posters. How will you choose to view it first? Let us know in comments.

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