Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale Reunite For Batman: The Long Halloween Special

For almost three decades, Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale have been a superstar creative team. And Batman: The Long Halloween is the magnum opus of their  long partnership. The original 12-issue limited series is considered one of the most definitive Batman stories of all time. Now, Loeb and Sale are reuniting for a new postscript to their classic story. Just in time for Halloween, DC will release Batman: The Long Halloween Special this fall.

Presented as a 48-page prestige-format one-shot, The Long Halloween Special picks up where the original series left off in 1997. It also marks the first time Loeb and Sale have teamed up since Captain America: White in 2015.

“Twenty-five years ago, Tim Sale and I set out to tell a mystery tale of how Gotham City went from crime to freaks,” said Loeb in a statement. “The result was Batman: The Long Halloween. We’re thrilled to be back at DC revisiting some of our favorite characters all the while revealing that you may not know the whole story…”

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“As it has always been, working together on Batman has brought out the best of Jeph and myself as Gotham City storytellers,” added Sale. “We have been blessed to have the mighty talents of Comicraft’s Richard Starkings with us every step of the way, and we are very fortunate to welcome colorist, Brennan Wagner, to help shape our latest venture.”

Batman: The Long Halloween Special hits comic shops on October 12. You can also check out the cover for the one-shot below.

Are you excited to revisit the Long Halloween saga later this year? Let us know in the comment section!

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