New Black Widow Trailer Reminds Us Why Natasha Matters

It’s been a year of delays, but Black Widow finally has a release date that’s unlikely to change again. On July 9, when much of the country will have had COVID vaccination opportunities, it hits theaters and Dinsey+ Premier Access. So even if not every theater is safe, viewing at home can happen. But it’s been a while since we’ve seen a trailer…for it or any Marvel Cinematic Universe feature film. On that note, a brand new Black Widow trailer begins with a reminder of who Natasha Romanoff is, with Avengers highlights through the years. And then it goes back further, to her past as an assassin trained from childhood. And some unresolved business.

Take a look in the player below:

Black Widow may not have any special super powers, but it sure looks like she’ll be flying through the air a lot. With gravity-defying sky battles and tower attacks, the new adventure sees her pursued by Taskmaster. And her pre-Avengers allies may not be completely happy to see her.

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Most fascinatingly, at the end it appears like the Avengers theme music finally has lyrics! Though it may tale somebody more expert in eastern European languages to decipher them.

Will you venture back into theaters to see Black Widow? Or have you been hoping for the TV option? Let us know in comments!

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