Mezco Offers Revamped Zack Snyder’s Justice League Figure Box Set

Most fans agree: Zack Snyder’s Justice League makes the movie better. And to celebrate, Mezco will make their One:12 Collective Justice League figures better too. Grab three in one go with the new Zack Snyder’s Justice League figure box set, currently up for preorder. Arriving next spring in a steel tin, the set includes updated versions of their Batman, Flash, and Superman movie figures.

New features include an unmasked Ben Affleck head, Parademon gun, and power gauntlets for Batman. Superman features the movie-accurate black costume, a new heat-vision head, and a light-up Motherbox. Flash features a bonus head.

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Superman and Batman both sport posable capes, with Batman’s in leather-like material and Superman’s more fabric. As usual, all figures feature multiple hands and a figure stand to enable action poses.

As for the rest of the League, Mezco’s original movie-based Wonder Woman and Aquaman can still be had for retail or less. Which leaves Cyborg, the most difficult one to make since he requires an entirely original body. And now that we know he can grow extra arms and guns and such, maybe the time is right to do him deluxe. That’s up to Mezco.

Take a look at more images of the current three-pack below. Will you unite the three? Let us kow in comments.

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