The Mandalorian Electronic Helmet and 6-Inch Remnant Trooper Figure Debut

Mandalorians, at least those of Din Djarin’s particular creed, never remove their helmets. So good luck trying to nab one of theirs. But now, thanks to Hasbro, a cheaper and more available version of Din’s helmet will soon come to retail. In Spring 2021, The Mandalorian electronic helmet makes its way to outlets like Amazon and Hasbro Pulse. No doubt fans around the world may attempt to see how long they can go without taking it off.

The helmet, in shiny beskar style, features a removable tactical light, and red interior lights that activate when its held upside-down. A detailed, padded interior ensures a snug fit. For $119.99, it’s quite the bounty. Take some time to earn it.

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The Remnant Trooper, available soon at Target, joins the 6-inch Black Series. Essentially a dirty Stormtrooper, it’s one of the ones who guarded Werner Herzog, so that’s extra-cool. And since the side panels of Black Series figures feature combinable images, eagle-eyed fans may notice a big clue…

See that cape edge that overlaps the Trooper? Looks like a pretty solid Moff Gideon hint. Since every other figure scale already announced a version of the Darksaber wielder, it’s a matter of time.

Take a closer look at the figure and the scale helmet in our gallery below. Then tell us what you think in comments.

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