Lucasfilm Drops a Music Video for Ludwig Göransson’s Mandalorian Theme

It’s no easy task to follow in the footsteps of original Star Wars composer John Williams. But as soon as the opening notes of Ludwig Göransson’s Mandalorian score played over the series’ title card, fans knew they were about to hear something worthy of the Star Wars name. Göransson definitely brought his A-game to a galaxy far, far away, much like he did with his Oscar-winning Black Panther score and his collaborations with Childish Gambino. Now, Lucasfilm has graced us with visuals to match the epic grandiosity of the music itself. The studio has premiered a music video that shows Göransson recording The Mandalorian’s main titles.

Directed by Isaac Ravishankara, the video opens with Göransson entering his home studio and immediately getting to work. Viewers then watch as he records several individual parts: bass recorder, drums, piano, acoustic and electric guitars, and synths. As he works, scenes from The Mandalorian play on screens behind him. Next, Goransson himself also gets whisked away to some of the series’ most memorable locations. Among them: a landing pad on Tatooine, the Client’s office on Nevarro, and the space station where the titular bounty hunter met Mayfeld and his crew. Moreover, that last spot gives him a front row seat to watch the Mando’s Razor Crest come in for a landing.

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The COVID-19 has certainly made filming new projects more difficult over the last few months. However, the closing shot appears to confirm that Göransson’s video was at least partially shot inside The Volume, the massive LED screen that allowed The Mandalorian’s filmmakers to project different planetary backgrounds in real time. You can check it out for yourself below.

The Mandalorian will debut its second season on Disney+ this October.

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