Superhero Hype Says Thank You To the Essential Workers

By design, Superhero Hype isn’t a hard news site. However, the novel coronavirus is simply too big to ignore. Everyone’s lives have been severely impacted, and the reality is that the pandemic is far from over. But throughout the last two months, the essential workers in all fields haven’t faltered in the face of danger. Where would we be without the doctors or nurses when we need them? What would happen if our calls to 911 also went unanswered by firefighters and police officers? How would we function if the grocery store workers or the truckers, plant workers, and more weren’t there to keep the food chain from collapsing?

Many essential workers have publicly said that they don’t want to be labeled as heroes. But what they’ve done in the face of this event is remarkable. We owe them our gratitude, and that’s why Evolve Media LLC has started the #WeSayThanks across Superhero Hype, ComingSoon, Game Revolution, Sherdog, and our entire family of sites.

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Take a moment to think about the people whose acts of strength, kindness, and charity have allowed us to keep going. And when you get the next opportunity, tell them how much it means to you. Let them know that their efforts are appreciated.

Evolve is also raising funds for essential workers by selling limited edition #WeSayThanks T-shirts featuring a purple ribbon that symbolizes solidarity. $5 from every sale will go to charities serving our communities and families of essential workers.

But the T-shirt isn’t necessary to share your appreciation. You’re also welcome to pass on your thanks and pay it forward.

“What started as a simple idea and suggestion from just one single Evolve editor, has evolved into a massive show of support to all of the brave and dedicated essential workers on the frontlines battling COVID-19 or keeping us all safe and sustained in some way,” Anthony Severino, VP of Operations + Development, Evolve Media LLC.

As always, share your thoughts in the comment section below. And stay safe out there!

Please visit for more information on how you can get involved.