Michael Moorcock’s Elric Saga is Coming to TV

With Lord of the Rings making a comeback on Amazon and HBO milking Game of Thrones for all it’s worth, it seems like everyone in Hollywood is frantically searching for the next big fantasy property to adapt. New Republic Pictures’ Brian Oliver and producer Bradley J. Fischer are no exceptions. Deadline is reporting that Oliver and Fischer have secured the rights to author Michael Moorcock’s classic novel series,The Elric Saga.

Moorcock’s stories follow the title character, the last emperor of the island of Melniboné. Elric is easily identified by his albino skin and his long white hair. He’s also a skilled sorcerer, but he must consume special herbs to maintain his vitality. He is also afforded strength through the use of his sword, Stormbringer; which feeds on the souls of anyone it kills. Moorcock introduced Elric in his 1961 novella, The Dreaming City. He went on to appear in 11 novels and various other short stories. Elric has also found his way into various comics and graphic novels.

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Glen Mazzara and Vaun Wilmott will write the Elric TV series. Mazarra is best known for his brief stint as showrunner of The Walking Dead as well as his work on FX’s The Shield. He is also working on a new series based on Stephen King’s The Dark Tower novels for Amazon. Wilmott has written for Star Trek: Discovery and previously created the Syfy original series, Dominion.

If the series goes well, Elric’s pale visage might reach an even bigger audience. Apparently, New Republic and Fischer are also exploring The Elric Saga’s potential as a “cross-platform” franchise. This suggests they might be thinking about bringing the character to the big screen as well.

Are you excited to see The Elric Saga on TV? Who would you cast to play Elric? Let us know in the comment section below!

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