Michael Giacchino Accepts Matt Reeves’ Offer to Score The Batman

This week has already graced us with a handful of major casting developments for Matt Reeves’ The Batman. But of course, Reeves has several behind-the-scenes roles to fill as well. And last night, the director scored a big name to handle the film’s music. During a concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London, Reeves asked Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino to lend his talents to the upcoming reboot. Thankfully, he said yes.

Giacchino was conducting at the hall as part of Settling the Score, a live showcase of his and David Arnold’s most memorable film compositions. It was during his performance that Reeves came out onstage and made his request. You can check out a photo of the exchange courtesy of Cinema Savvy (via Collider) below.

Obviously, Giacchino isn’t a stranger to superhero movies or any other types of big-budget action flicks. He has previously worked with Marvel Studios on their Spider-Man and Doctor Strange films. Additionally, he has provided the music for entries in other popular franchises like Star Trek, Star Wars, and Jurassic World. Giacchino’s relationship with Reeves dates back to when he composed the “Roar!” overture for Cloverfield in 2008. They later re-teamed on Let Me In in 2010 and both of Reeves’ Planet of the Apes movies in 2014 and 2017.

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It goes without saying that Giacchino has big shoes to fill when it comes to writing the musical accompaniment for the Dark Knight’s war on crime. That job has been successfully undertaken by the likes of Danny Elfman, James Newton Howard, and Hans Zimmer. And despite all the problems with Joel Schumacher’s Batman movies, one could argue that Elliot Goldenthal’s scores are among their few redeeming aspects. But given his impressive body of work, Giacchino should be more than up to the task.

The Batman will be released on June 25, 2021.

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