Crisis on Infinite Earths Will Hang Over All of The Flash Season 6

When the sixth season of The Flash arrives, it’s gonna have some major tie-ins with Crisis On Infinite Earths, While the crossover event will begin this December, showrunner Eric Wallace told Newsarama that Crisis‘ impact will be felt for the entire season.

Crisis is not separate from any story throughout the entire 22 episodes,” explained Wallace. “Even after Crisis, the fallout from it continues to build and screw with Team Flash. In the first pre-Crisis episodes, as the big bad is getting introduced, like we always do – we will see a relationship of what’s coming in Crisis with what’s happening to Barry with what’s happening to the new big bad. They are all interrelated.”

“Once we reveal the new big bad, especially once we get around episode 3,4, and 5 you’ll understand exactly why this big bad was chosen,” added Wallace. “It’s very specific and only could have been chosen in this year of Crisis because dread is hanging all over Team Flash – dread, sorrow. The potential loss of not only your loved ones but the entire world. That’s not happy.”

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Grant Gustin also explained how the latest villain, Bloodwork (Sendhil Ramamurthy) will fit into the show.

“It’s a different type of big bad than we’ve had,” he said. “He’s connected to Caitlyn initially, there’s a history there. Barry wants to give him the benefit of the doubt when we meet… This is his classic biggest problem – letting someone in and then they stab him in the back.”

The full interview can be found here. It also teases the introduction of Sue Dibney, Ralph’s wife from the DC Universe comics. The Flash season 6 will premiere on The CW on October 8.

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